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                                  Measurement of biological energy.

     For the purpose of definition of intensity of bioenergy of the various
, I have carried out preliminary researches of force of a biofield of a plant, a fruit of a plant and power of the lifeless subject belonging to the person, in this case a children's toy. The biofield was fixed with the help telekinetic enhancer and Egely Vitality Meter. 
      I have established,that not only live objects
can rotate a castor, but also conditionally dead (so I name the broken fruits
Plants), only more slowly. Besides, some things or toys which store on itself a part of your biofield, can rotate a castor, even more slowly (a parity of the force rotating a wheel in 3 cases all these equally approximately to the relation
100:10:1. I have deduced this parity at research more than 100 various samples.
Natural Science Research, Vol. 10, No.2, April 2007

Observation on Biological Effect of Bioelectromagnetic (BEM) Field
J.VJiang kanzhengQian Zheng2 Binghuan Tang3
1 Jiang's Institute, Khabarovsk, Russia
2.Dept.of Physiology, China Medical University,P.R. of China
3.Liaoning Medical Equipment Institute, P. R. of China
[Purpose] Observation on the biological effect of Bioelectromagnetic (BEM) field carrying the vital information in microwave band radiated from organism
[Method] The field guide Biotron was used, which was designed and made by Jiang kan-zheng according to the principles of microwave reflective and focusing, transmission of wave guide tube, and tuning with resonant cavity and tune bolt. The donor organism placed in the receive cabin of the Biotron and the donee organism placed in the treatment cabin, so the donor's BEM through the Biotron act on the donee. No tangible contact existed between the donor and the donee except the contact of the BEM field between them, and this process was called as "field guide". After remaining in field guide for a certain period, the biological effect of donee organism was detected.
[Result] hi the biological effect: receiving the field guide of wheat, corn acquired the characteristics of wheat; receiving the field guide of muskmelon, cucumber acquired the characteristics of muskmelon; receiving the field guide of young plants or animal embryos, the activities of the cell DNA of various organs of the mice were invigorated, sexual function enhanced and survival time prolonged; when human body received the field guide of young plants, the results were that the velocity of nervous reflection was accelerated, hematopoietic activity invigorated, immune (unction strengthened and sexual function enhanced with the effect of anti-aging.
Keyword: Bioelectromagnetic wave; Biomicrowave; Field guide; Directional breeding; Anti-aging 1. Introduction
hi 1957, Jiang Kanzheng put forward the Theory of "Held guide" in China Medical University in Shenyang, and pointed out that biological organism could transmit bioelectromagnetic (BEM) wave internally and externally in the processes of its vital activities and accompanying with the biochemical changes within the organism. The BEM wave carried genetic information, which controlled the organism and could also act on another biological organism to influence its genetic gene. Jiang designated the phenomenon as "Field guide". Theoretically, BEM wave should exist in microwave band. In 1981, according to the known transformation low of physi-
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Natural Science Research, Vol. 10, No.2, April 2007

When the germinating seeds were used, suits the temperature, humid and fresh air were kept inside and outside me Biotron to make the seeds germinating continuously.
In the 5* 2weeks: 90 hatching eggs were taken out from incubator and put in the Biotron, 2 hours later were sent back to the incubator, then another batch of hatching eggs were taken out from the incubator and put in the Biotron and were also changed in such 2 way after 2 hours. The eggs in the Biotron were also kept in best preservation.
in the 6th 2weeks: 10 rabbit pregnant for one week were used.
The donee, experiment group dividing 3 batches, every batch have 100 mice. Each batch were put in the Biotron and stayed for 8 hours.
The indexes of observation: Periodically counting of the survival number of mice, number of the pregnant and number of the birth in order to judge the result of anti-aging and life prolongation of the tested mice.
Table 1 Number of survival and pregnancy of mice, and number of their young delivered.
Control group Experiment group
Numb» of nice 300 300
Survival number after experiment 295 297
Survival number after 1 year 105 197
Survival number after 1.5 year 8 124
Pregnancy number in experimentally period 11 94
The birth number 57 564
Brief conclusion: The number of mice surviving after 1.5 years of the experiment group is significantly larger than that of the control group. The number of pregnant mice and average number of birth of the experiment group are also larger than those of the control group. It is shown diat the life of animals of the experiment group was prolonged and their sexual function invigorated.
2. 2. 1.2 Experiment 2
The experiment was conducted in khabarovsk laboratory of Russia in 1992. the purpose was to study analytically the anti-aging effect of aged mice with the method of autohistoradiography.
The donors of BEM field were seedlings of wheat and corn of 6m2 each. The seedlings, 5-25cm above die soil, were grown by close planting in pots. 44femalemice aged 12 months were selected as the donees, the tested animals, and divided randomly into experiment group and control group, with 22 in each group. The experimental environment and raising conditions were the same for both of them. The animals of the two groups were put in the Biotron alternately. When the animals of the control group were put in the Biotron, donors were not put in. they were in it once for 24 hours and 10 times for each group. They were observed for 20 days.
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Natural Science Research, Vol. 10, No.2, April 2007

10 mice were taken out randomly at the end of the field guide. Firstly, vaginal smears were made to observe the sexual cycle. Then 3H-Thymine (1570kBq/mol) was injected intraperitoneally (22.2kBq/lg of body weight), and 3 times of the dose of 3H-Thymine (i.e. 0.2ml) was dripped into the right eye because of no blood supply in the cornea. After 3H-Thmine had already distributed over the organs, two eyes, thyroid gland, thymus, adrenal gland, spleen, stomach, ovary were taken out, the right side organs were to make slices for autohistoradiography. The cell nucleus with more than 5 radio-loci was regarded as labeled nucleus. The Ratio of the amount of labeled nuclei to the total nuclei observed was the index of labeled nucleus. The labeled intensity was calculated according to the number of silver grains on 30 labeled nuclei. Pathological mitoses were calculated with the serial sections of comea of the right eye. For the rest 12 mice in each group, body weight was measured before and after the experiment; besides, ovary, adrenal gland, brain, heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys, were taken out, weighed and made into slices for light microscopy.
Results: There were no obvious differences between me experiment group and the control group in the relative weight and cellular structure under the light microscope of all the organs except ovary. However, the increase of body weight of the mice in the experiment group was obviously lower than that in the control group (p<0.05). The test results of the method of autohistoradiography image showed obvious differences between the two groups. (Table 2)
Table 2 The activities of various organic cells in experimental mice and control mice
Control group Experimental group p   value
Vagina smear (oestrus
■■■%) 20 ±13.3% 70 ±153% <0.05
Ovary weight (mg)
28.12 ±1.57 34.50 ±1.65 <0.05
Relative weight of ovary (mg/g)
1.00 ±0.04 1.35+0.09 <0.01
Labeled nucleus index of thymus cortex
20.10 + 1.40 18.70 ±0.87 >0.05
Labeled   nucleus   index   of   thymus medulla
2.03 ±0.20 3.30 ±0.30 <0.01
Labeled intensity of thymus cortex
12.40 ±1.10 15.80 ±0.79 <0.01
Labeled intensity of thymus medulla
11.70 i0.80 15.10 ±1.80 
Labeled    nudeus    index    of    cornea epithelial
6.18 ±0.18 10.38 ±0.26 
Labeled intensity of cornea epithelial cell
24.00 + 1.04 36.25 ±0.75 
Pathological mitosis of cornea epithelial cell
4.01 ±053 159 ±0.62 
Labeled nucleus index of adrenal grand cell
1.48 ±0.16 2.14 ±0.10 <.001
Labeled intensity of adrenal grand cell
36.7 42.8 
In the above table, indexes oflabeled nucleus and labeled density are the indexes reflecting ftie active intensity of cell DN A. The more obvious changes occurring in the experiment group than in the control group showed that the BEM field of plant seedlings made the activities of cell DNA of the organs of the aged mice strengthened and the activiu'esof sexual organsbecomevigorous,andpamologicalnucleardivisionsweakened[71.
Brief conclusion: After the mice of the experiment group receive the action of the field guide of BEM wave, the activities of cell DNA of every organ are invigorated, the renewal of physiological cells strengthened
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Natural Science Research, Vol. 10, No.2, April 2007

and the pathological cellular division weakened. This may be the physiological basis for the function of reproduction system to become vigorous and for the anti-aging phenomenon to occur.
2.3 Experiment of Anti-aging of Human Body
In 1998, according to Jiang kan-zheng's technique, field guide Biotron was mad in Yiyang City of Hunan Province of China to observe with post-test the action of BEM wave transmitted from plant seedlings to improve human health and fight against senility.
2.3.1 Material and Method
Donor The four kinds of edible plant seedlings of wheat, corn, pea and sorghum were closely planted in plastic pots of 30x20cm. respectively under room temperature. Each time 30 pots were put in the Biotron according to the proportion of 50%wheat, 20%corn, 20%pea and 10% sorghum. The donors were used specially for one man only. The seedlings were changed once for 4 hours, and were abandoned and renewed at height of above 25cm.
Donee The human bodies for observation were from 35 volunteers. Of them 26 were males, aged 9-74 and 9 female, aged 22-72. Every one stayed 4 hours in the field guide Biotron. There were ventilation and light installation and bedding in it to keep comfort. In it one could sit, lie down, take diet, read, talk, sleep, without taking medicine and touching the plant seedlings and could go out freely. 10 days were a treatment course, after 10 days, there was an interval of 10 days for rest; after the interval the second treatment course of another 10 days began; then after another interval of 10 days, the third treatment course began. In 50 days, 120 hours of field guide were received in all.
In the observation of human body, besides the general physical examination, emphasis was put on the examination of nervous system, immune system, endocrine system, sexual function, hemopoietic function, etc. which was carried out before and after receiving field guide so as to make same body contrast Results: Table 3
Table 3 The contrast of various indexes of the human body
Pre-field guide Post-field guide p values
Upper limb reflex time(sec.)
0.235 ±0.033 0.196±0.035 <0.001
Percussion frequency (one time/30 sec.)
109.2±20.9 121.5±17.3 <0.01
Grip strength (N)
293.17+83.4 306.6 ±82.7 <0.05
Time with one leg standing and eyes dosed (sec.)
15.6+26.9 26.4+34.06 <0.01
Relative vital capacity (mrn/m)
1475.8 ±373.6 1690.6 ±531.3 <0.001
Erythrocyte fragility (saline concentration of complete hemolysis)
0.343+0.02 0.3285 ±0.028 <0.05
Serum thyroid hormone (FT4) concentration (pmol/1)
10.6 ±2.98 14.5+2.74 <0.001
Serum testosterone concentration (rog/1 j
881.6±343.7 1242.8 ±604.5 <0.05
Serum pregnendione concentration (nmol/1)
0.985 ±0.522 2.083 + 1.543 >0.05
Blood NK cells (%)
11.374±1.9 16.732+5.25 <0.001
T3-lymphocytes (%)
71.01+5.16 74.7 ±7.11 <0.01
T4-Iyruphocytes (%)
42.58 ±6.5 45.21+5.0 <0.05
T8-lymphocytes (%)
22.86 ±6.78 26.06+4.1 <0.01

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Natural Science Research, Vol. 10, No.2, April 2007

Table 3 The contrast of various indexes of the human body
-field guide Post-field guide p values
Serum glucocorticoid hormone (mg/1)
12.478 ±4.52 11.1875 ±4.46 >0.05
Body fatty rate (body weight over 80kg)
26.3 ±6.16 22.6 ±6.47 <0.05
Body fatty rate (body weight 61 -79kfO
18.8±4.4 19.7+4.98 X).O5
Body fatty rate (body weight less than 60kg)
18.97+7.3 20.615 ±8.2 <0.05
It was observed from the indexes of the above table that after receiving the field guide: (1) the velocity of nervous conduction accelerated and the nervous function enhanced, (2) muscular strength was increased, (3) equilibrium function was improved, (4) fiagilocytes were reduced and hematopietie function become vigorous, (5) concentration of serum thyroid hormone was higher and metabolism was invigorated, (6) concentration of sexual hormone was higher, sexual function was enhanced and one become younger, (7) immunocytes in blood increased and immune function was enhanced, (8) the ratio of body fat showed that the constitution become strong in the weak and lean, obesity was reduced in the obese and no change occurred in those of moderate health, (9) concentration of serum glucocorticoid did not increase but tended to decrease, which showed that the processes of field guide had not aroused press reaction of the body and was no harmful to human body, and (10) relative vital capacity increased remarkably. With reference to the calculation of The Contrast table of between Relative Vital Capacity and biological Ages" published by Professor Wang yong-yan of Shanghai Medical University [8], the biological ages of the 35 persons observed in the group become younger by 5.6 years averagely. For the observed persons who with different kinds of chronic diseases, a great of their symptoms were improved remarkably [9].
Brief conclusion: The BEM field of plant has the effect of making human constitution younger and protestinghumanhealthwithoutanyhann[10].
3. Discussion and Conclusion of the Experiment Result of Biological Field Guide
3.1. Microwave equipment was used in the experiment of biological field guide. The result showed that the influence of the biological organism (donee) in the treatment cabin received the influence of the biological organism (donor) in the receiving cabin. And the influential factor must be received by the microwave receiving antenna, transmitted though wave guide tube, tuned with tuner and tuning bolt and transmitted by transmitting antenna to act on the donee. Between the donor and the donee there is no other way of contact except that through microwave because the microwave device can receive, tune and transmit microwave only.
Conclusion: In the processes of vital activities, organism can transmit BEM wave (biomicrowave) of microwave band. Field guide experiment for various kinds of biological organisms confirms that the organism can transmit microwave, and the biomicrowave transmitted by the donor can act on the donee and influence the processes of vital activities of it
3.2. The BEM waves transmitted from biological organism act on the donee to promote them to vary their genetic features in the direction of the characteristic of the transmissive source, the organisms (donors). The
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Natural Science Research, Vol. 10, No.2, April 2007________________________________________________68-77
fact that the variation acquired can pass on from generation to generation can support the judgment It is then shown that BEM wave carries genetic information (BEM wave genetic information).
3.3. No morphologic change and result of increase in production have been observed from the experiment of putting wheat of low production under the field guide of wheat of high production. It can also be observed 11 comparison with other experiments that BEM microwave transmitted from heterogeneous organism can cause the genetic features of donee to be varied but BEM microwave transmitted from the organism of the same species can not.
3.4. Genetics has made known that active gene (coding protein structure gene) accounts for 1-5% of all genes in the gene group. The rest 95%-98% genes are called inactive gene (potential genes) by the authors. The active gene is to pass on the genetic information to RNA according to the central principle of DNA duplex splitting, andRNA conlrols thecombination of amino acids though information andfinally protein is synthesized. Inactive gene (potential gene) does not take part in the control of protein synthesis. The results of biological field guide experiment show that there are new active genes in the donee in field guide, which are similar in nature to the active genes of the field guide sources (for instance. Duck web grown on chicken's claws conform to that controlled by active genes of duck, side stems on the corn stalk and corn ears with wheat seeds conform to those controlled by active genes of wheat, cucumber tike round ball and containing more sugar and protem conforms to that controlled by active genes of muskmelon, etc.), It is shown that the biological wave transmitted from heterogeneous organism has genetic information of the active gene of the organism, which activated the inactive gene (potential gene) of the donee in the field guide to synthesize relevant protein and, as a result, variations with relevant genetic characteristics of the organism, the field guide source, occur. The variation is the directional genetic variation so that a new species of good nature and high production is obtained speedily and can not be degenerated easily.
3.5. Receiving the field guide of biomicrowave transmitted from heterogeneous organism, the aged mice may recover their youthful vigor; i.e. the information of active gene carried by biological microwave of heterogeneous young organism activates the inactive gene of the mice to synthesize relevant anti-aging protein, and the effect of recovering youthful vigor results. That is to say, the inactive gene (potential gene) is the anti-aging gene. The cells of organism contain 95%-98%potential genes.
The activity information of active gene carries by biological microwave of heterogeneous young organism can activate the anti-aging potential gene of the donee (including the old of 70-80 years old),and synthesize protein of the nature of youthful organism to make the aged younger.
3.6. m recent 10 years, field guide Biotron was used for many people, who received biological microwave transmittedfrom various plant seedlings for recovery of youthful vigor andhealth convalescence. Their nervous reilective function was improved, endocrine function regulated, and sexual function recovered. Beside their chronic diseases were relieved or eliminated without any adverse reaction.
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Natural Science Research, Vol. 10, No.2, April 2007___________________________________________68-77
3.7. The action of biological microwave and its field guide can be used in agriculture. The application of it in directional breeding of plants and animals may save much time and labour. In medicine, it can be used to regulate physiological function, improve constitution, enhance physical strength and take effect of anti-aging, disease resistance and health protection. In addition, it can also be used for reducing obesity and cosmetics. Rich experience have been collected in the experimental study of several decades the biological microwave and the field guide effect and the information brought about by BEM field are, after all, new things, which still need more deepened researches. Once it is applied widely in either agriculture or medicine tremendous economic benefit and social influence can be produced (The end)
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